Hollandse Bodem

Wallpapers XL and curtains for Hotels using a colourful palette

'Fietje'  Wallpaper XL



Exclusive prints

Compound curtains for houses with high ceilings


Do you have an appetite for high quality patterns? Then I can serve you the perfect dish. 

The idea

Compound curtains.
 A very large repeat of the lower part of the curtain.
With little changes in the colours and patterns  in the upper part of the curtain you can create a more refined color pallet fitting with the basic color of your room or a preference for more pink or more yellow par example.
Or the other way around you can create a more explicit color choice

Upper part of the curtain.

One can choose a pattern with allover print.
Par example the right one with the circles.  A circle is about 30 cm average

Two separate double folded stripes, stitched on the transition area of the upper and lower part of the curtain( the stripe only stitched on the upper site).
One double folded stripe is 25cm

Lower part of the curtain (repeat 3 meter).Hight 1.40meter

Bed covers



Fashion Fabrics

Lost Tribes

Crossstripe orange

Checkstripe yellow

Crossstripe pink

Checkstripe pink

Pink Bead

Pinkbe 1

Yellow Bead



Papaver pink

Pinkbe 2

Papaver yellow